Police absolutely blast ‘Moron Tourism’ at Summernats

  • Police absolutely blast ‘Moron Tourism’ at Summernats image
Lewis Haskew

RoundABOUT Editor

Police have used some extraordinary language when discussing the behaviour of some rev heads at this year’s Summernats festival.

While acknowledging the majority of revellers attended in good character, ACT Police Acting Inspector, Mark Richardson, took aim at what he’s described as the ‘morons’ that make their way to Canberra for the annual event.

“They just haven’t evolved very far, I think they’ve really plateaued as a sub species of the human race – I don’t know what goes through their mind.”

You can listen to the extraordinary comments below:

It comes as police also continue their investigations into a number of alleged assaults and dangerous driving that took place inside and out of the event.

Footage of an apparent brawl between attendees and staff working as security has gone viral online, while newly released video has shown the moment a burnout on the streets out the front of EPIC was caught by a police drone.


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