7 Dog Friendly Walks to try in (and around) Canberra

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Those furry friends ate the cheese the kids drop from the table on Christmas day and the extra treat aunty Kath gives them every time she gets attention, so why not get them out for a good walkie after the festive season?

We’ve compiled a list of walks to suit every area of Canberra (and one for you too QBN!)



You really can’t beat the Bridge-to-Bridge walk on a summer’s day in Canberra. At 5km it shouldn’t be too long for your precious pooch, and it gives you the best views of the lake. Both of you might enjoy some of the spray from Captain Cook Memorial Jet to cool you down, too! If you’ve never done the loop before, it’s considered an easy 5km! Depending on how fast you walk it’ll take anywhere from 45min to an hour (unless you decide to take a breather and grab a coffee). Keep the pooch on their leash and be prepared to smile and nod at all the other locals and tourists sharing the path with you.


Lake Ginninderra District Park has it all – take the kids to the playground, have picnic or even go for a dip in the “beach” – for today though let’s focus on the dogs. If you’re taking the dog for a stroll around the lake on the footpath, make sure they’re on leash, but if you’re looking to let them exercise (like really, really exercise) there’s plenty of spots you can let them run free! We recommend visiting Dog Exercise Areas from ACT Govt to see where pup can play without their leash.


If you and your best mate are looking for a walk that doesn’t restrict you to pavement only, then the Gungahlin Hill Nature Reserve is for you! While you will be able to find some paved areas along the walk there is plenty of opportunity to walk off site and take in the bushy views of the bush capital. It’s an easy 4km but with a couple of inclines don’t expect to walk that as quick as you’d normally do a 4k! Don’t forget the leash.


Get your Google maps out if you’re not familiar with Kathner Street in Chapman because it’s where you’re going to start and finish for the Cooleman Ridge Nature Trail. You love the bush, you love the city, that’s why you live in Canberra, right? Well, this is where you get the best of your favourite worlds. You and your furry friend will get views of the Brindies and Black Mountain, but at only 3.6km you’re not going to get too sweaty (unless, of course, you head out after lunch time in the middle of summer). Keep the little mate on their leash, not only because it’s the rules, but because they might wanna chase the roos that are bouncing around.


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This one is for the dogs who have so much energy you feel like they could walk from North to South Canberra and back without ever stopping. The Tuggeranong Hill Fire Trail! Making sure your buddy is on their leash is important and keeping an eye out for the snakes over summer even more so. If you’re looking for a couple of hours to yourself and your dog, this is the walk for you. It’s around 8km and you won’t get the views you do from going up the hill but you will see plenty of what Tuggeranong bushland has to offer.


The Isaacs Ridge Nature Reserve boasts beautiful views of southern Canberra, but in order to get there you will need to take a steep hill to start so this walk might be for the younger pups! One of the most enjoyable parts of the walk for you and your pooch is that it is mostly off-road and is amongst the wonderfully tall pine trees and scrumptious smelling eucalyptus trees; sights for dog parent, sniffs for dog. Leave yourself an hour, keep the leash on and put the step counter on your watch to see yourself clock up at least 4.5km on the loop!


Now here is a beautiful, easy walk to do after the massive Christmas lunch for you and doggo. The Queanbeyan Riverside Walk right in the middle of town is only around 2km and gives you the opportunity to say hi to other locals and tourists making the most of the loop. You’ll see plenty of QBNs sites and walk across the famous Suspension Bridge. You can find coffees nearby to start or end the walk, just make sure wherever you choose has a water bowl out for pup!



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