A stinky plant to rival Canberra’s ‘Smelly’ Spring tree

  • A stinky plant to rival Canberra’s ‘Smelly’ Spring tree image
Sammy Rose

RoundABOUT Contributor

True Canberrans know that spring time brings Floriade, sunny walks along Lake Burley Griffin, and the stinky smell of Pear Trees.

You know which one’s we’re talking about, the trees with a very distinct smell.

A town in Arizona has had to close a picnic area that’s been plagued by another kind of stinky plant.

The weed, aptly named Stinknet, has a turpentine-like odor and can cause serious breathing problems as well as severe skin rashes.

Stinknet has bright yellow blossoms on narrow green stems, and look a bit like yellow golf balls.

Do you think certain areas of Canberra should be closed during Spring to avoid the smell of ‘those’ trees?

Hit 104.7’s Wilko & Courts had lots of thoughts, and personal experiences with those stinky Canberra trees…