Canberra DJs planning a rave inside Bunnings

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Lewis Haskew

RoundABOUT Editor

Canberra DJ duo, Peking Duk, are hoping to pull off one of the greatest gigs of all time, inside one of Australia’s most iconic venues – a Bunnings store.

The pair are part of a campaign, alongside fellow DJ What So Not and a bunch of other artists and fans all pushing for the rave to become a reality.

Their campaign seems to be gaining moment, with their plans recently featured on Channel 10’s The Project.

To help things along, Peking Duk have now dropped a remix of the iconic Bunnings theme.

@pekingduk Replying to @chubbyred444 Let’s make the #bunningsrave happen @Bunnings ♬ Bunnings Rave Remix – Peking Duk

So far, the official Bunning TikTok account has replied to one video with the comment ‘We’ll bring the decks’ but nothing official beyond that.

So… this space!

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