Canberra pet charity destroyed by vandals

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Hannah Donald

RoundABOUT Contributor

A local charity group dedicated to the rescue and rehoming of animals in need have been left devastated after their head office in Woden was ransacked by thieves.

Intruders allegedly breaking into the Canberra Pet Rescue complex in Curtin earlier this week, stealing medical equipment and fundraising supplies, causing damage to the building  and even urinating over remaining items.

The group, which is a not-for-profit organization that relies entirely on donations from the community and the support of volunteers, took to social media to share the news:

Heartbroken by the actions of the individuals involved, the organisation is now putting out a call for help to the public as they look to regroup.

Founder and President, Amanda Doelle, says they’re in need of donations to continue supporting the foster families caring for pets around Canberra.

“We would be very grateful for donations of money.”

“We do not have anywhere to take in physical donations at the moment but at least if we have some money to feed them and continue their vet care.”

“We’ve lost most of our fundraising items we had to raise funds for our pets in care. They also stole a lot of medical supplies, neonate supplies, pet food, bedding, transport items, cat enclosures and even a gazebo.”

Despite the significant loss and damages sustained during the incident, Canberra Pet Rescue says no pets were injured as a result as they’re, thankfully, all in foster care.

If you want to help out you can do so here – donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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