Canberra records hottest start to October on record

  • Canberra records hottest start to October on record image
Lewis Haskew

RoundABOUT Editor

Warm weather over the Labour Day Long Weekend has seen Canberra record its warmest start to October since records began.

The mercury on Sunday officially maxing out at 29.7 degrees.

That’s 2.3 degrees warmer than the previous hottest start to the month, recorded back in 1980.

It comes after Canberra also recorded its hottest ever September on record, the average temperature throughout the month this year coming in at 20.9 degrees.

That’s more than 3 degrees above the historical average of 17.8 for the month.

However, the heat isn’t expected to stick around this week with temperatures across the Nation’s Capital forecast to fall to as low as 14 by Thursday before averaging out by the start of next week.

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