Canberra Woman reunited with pet cat 6 years after its disappearance

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Hannah Donald

RoundABOUT Contributor

It’s the reunion one Canberra woman never thought was possible until she was reunited with her beloved pet cat after he was presumed dead 6 years ago.

It was back in 2017 when the cat, known as ‘Zephyr’, escaped from its family home during a storm after only just moving to Canberra.

His owner says she thought the worst after nobody contacted her to say he had been found.

“He’s microchipped so after we couldn’t find him, we hoped that eventually he’d wind up at a vet and they’d scan his microchip and give me a call,”

“The call never came and unfortunately we thought he must be dead.”

That was until a miracle occurred at the RSPCA ACT earlier this month, when little Zephyr arrived at the shelter as a stray!

“It makes us so happy when we scan an animal’s details, call the registered phone number and the owner answers, glad to hear their pet is safe and sound,” RSPCA ACT CEO Michelle Robertson said.

“Except in most cases the owner’s pet has usually been missing for a day or two, not six years.”

Zephyr is now back home, safe and sound with his family.

While his owner doesn’t hold a grudge against whoever might have been looking after Zephyr during his disappearance, she’s keen to remind people to take lost animals to a vet, rather than unofficially adopting them.

MIX106.3’s Kristen and Nige had a chat with owner Vanessa, listen below:

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