Christmas has officially arrived in Canberra

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Lewis Haskew

RoundABOUT Editor

The giant Christmas Tree in Civic might’ve already been up for weeks but it’s not until now that Christmas has well and truly arrived in Canberra, all thanks to the help of a local radio show.

The team from Mix106.3’s CBR Wrapped paying a visit to the Kambah Village shops and decorating the iconic sheep sculptures out the front, in what has been a long running festive makeover tradition in Canberra’s South.


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The show was broadcasting live from Transport Canberra bus on Thursday afternoon, as part of the station’s annual Pack the Bus charity drive.

Along the way, they stopped off at Kambah to collect donations and while there, also made time to help with the Christmas tradition.

An annual makeover for decades now, it’s still not known who started the idea and who, if even the same person, or even a group of people, return each year to keep it going.

The CBR Wrapped team even put the call out on-air during the show, but with the phones remaining silent, they took matters into their own hands.

Get more of the CBR Wrapped team below: