DARKFIELD Experiences Have Landed in Canberra

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Sian Henshaw

RoundABOUT Editor

Looking for something to do from the 28th of March to the 4th of April?

Well, you might want to check out what’s happening out the front of The Canberra Theatre Centre! Two shipping containers have made a short-term home for themselves.

So, what’s the deal? Well, it’s called DARKFIELD, and it’s not your average show.
Picture this: you step inside a specially designed shipping container, and suddenly, you’re plunged into a world of intense audio sensations and mind-bending experiences. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen (or heard) before!

Canberra now has the chance to experience 2 of the 4 experiences Darkfield has created; SÉANCE and FLIGHT.

SÉANCE is all about messing with your head. It’s a 20-minute journey where you question everything—your beliefs, your senses, you name it. Imagine being in complete darkness, with sounds swirling around you, making it hard to tell what’s real and what’s not.

FLIGHT, on the other hand, is like taking a trip in the dark. Literally. You step into a massive shipping container and suddenly find yourself on a plane, and then, in darkness. It’s not your typical flight—FLIGHT takes audience members through two worlds, two realities and two outcomes to their journey.

Wilko from Hit1047 got a sneak peek of both experiences, and his reactions are priceless. You can hear him freaking out in real time!


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So, if you’re up for an adventure that’ll mess with your mind (in the best way possible), grab your tickets and brace yourself for a journey you won’t forget!
But hey, make sure to pencil in at least 10 minutes between shows if you’re booking more than one, okay?