Don’t be a Grinch to Retail & Hospitality Workers this Silly Season: A message from WorkSafe ACT

  • Don’t be a Grinch to Retail & Hospitality Workers this Silly Season: A message from WorkSafe ACT image
Sammy Rose

RoundABOUT Contributor

While much of Canberra may be winding down for the year, the retail and hospitality sectors are at their busiest.

WorkSafe ACT wants to remind the community to be kind and respectful when out and about over the Christmas and New Year period. Unfortunately, during this time of year, retail and hospitality workers are more likely to experience incidents of workplace violence, which can have a lasting effect on physical and psychological health and safety.

Work Health and Safety Commissioner Jacqueline Agius wants to ensure that all workers in all workplaces are safe this holiday season.

“This time of year can be a very busy and stressful period for a lot of Canberrans. Unfortunately, there is an increase in violent and abusive behaviour towards retail and hospitality workers during this time. I want to remind everyone to be kind, patient and respectful when out shopping or enjoying events this summer. There is never an excuse for violent or abusive behaviour towards anyone.”


WorkSafe ACT’s dedicated psychosocial inspectorate team will be carrying out workplace inspections to ensure employers have policies and procedures in place to manage the risks of psychosocial hazards, including workplace violence, bullying and sexual harassment. Many workers in the retail and hospitality sectors are also vulnerable workers who may be young, inexperienced or culturally or linguistically diverse. This can make them more susceptible to violence and abuse at work. The Commissioner urges all workplaces to keep their workers safe.

“It is an employer’s responsibility to ensure their workers are safe. They must have appropriate controls in place to protect workers from occupational violence.”

WorkSafe ACT continues to be out in the field and responding to work health and safety issues throughout the holiday season.

“Safety shouldn’t take a break over the holidays. We are here and available over the phone and by email to make sure everyone gets to enjoy the summer.”


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