Em Rusciano is taking to the stage in Canberra

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Lewis Haskew

RoundABOUT Editor

She’s a writer, singer, comedian, podcaster and has recently been diagnosed with the trifecta of ADHD, autism and early menopause!

But Em Rusciano isn’t letting anything hold her back, brining a brand-new live show to Canberra as part of her first national tour since 2019.

“The last five years have been brutal, beautiful and bonkers. They challenged everything I ever believed about myself to my core. Not to be dramatic, but the term “complete ego death” wouldn’t be out of place here.” Em said.

“I’m finally limping out the other side of it now with way less oestrogen, and as a newly crowned neuro-divergent double threat – So naturally it felt like the right time to get myself back on stage.”

Ahead of her show, Em checked into the Mix106.3 drive show ‘CBR Wrapped’ to discuss how she’s ended up where she is today.

Take a listen below: