Seoul Chicken opens at Verity Lane

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Sammy Rose

RoundABOUT Contributor

Verity Lane Market has welcomed its newest vendor Seoul Chicken, taking up the final spot in the diverse market hall.

“Seoul Chicken brings the irresistible flavours of crispy Korean-style fried chicken to Canberra, along with a unique twist that’s not to be missed”, says owners Yeonju Kim and Jihoon Lee.

The dynamic duo behind this venture are the same faces that introduced Canberra to the mouth-watering ‘Croffle,’ a delectable fusion of croissants and waffles.

Often found at Haig Park markets on a Sunday, their popular ‘Welcome to Croffle’ quickly captured the hearts and palates of locals and can now be found in pop-ups around the city.

“Now, we are starting our second food project, extra crispy Korean chicken, our go to soul food.”

“In Korea, chicken is more than just a meal, it’s a beloved soul food, cherished especially after a long day of work, so we’ve brought our delicious soul food to Canberra’s favourite after-work spot” says Kim.

Seoul Chicken puts a unique twist on the chicken burger with their very own UFO burger, designed in the shape of a UFO to prevent sauce spillage, ensuring a tasty, mess-free experience.

What sets Seoul Chicken apart is the commitment to quality and authenticity. The Korean-style fried chicken is expertly crafted, utilizing soy oil with the perfect smoke point for frying.

Their delicious crispy chicken comes in a range of flavours from original, to sweet and spicy, and even snow chicken. Their menu caters to different tastes and levels of spice, perfect with a side of waffle fries to complete the meal.

All six kitchens at Verity Lane Market are now full for the first time since their opening in 2020. The kitchens serve dishes from Italian, Singaporean, Indonesian, Korean, South American, & Chinese cultures.

“We’re now open and invite everyone to come and savour the rich, authentic flavours of Korean-style fried chicken and experience the unforgettable comfort food of Seoul Chicken” says Kim.