Finding a Social Sport in Canberra

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Jake Creech

Digital Content Producer

Have you also committed to being more active this year? Want to do it in a way where you can have fun and meet some fun new people? Then we’ve got you covered! We’ve found some of our favourite places in Canberra where you can get involved with some easy-going and casual social sporting activities.


Urban Rec 

Urban Rec might just be the rulers of social sporting leagues. Offering opportunities for a variety of sports throughout the week with a multitude of options and a variety of sports such as; soccer, netball, touch football and even dodgeball!


Indoor Sports Centres

If you’re looking at being a little more serious about your sporting commitments whilst keeping it fun and social, then perhaps an indoor league might be up your alley. With a handful of venues in the ACT (Kambah, Weston and Kaleen), you’ll find a place close to home that won’t ever cancel due to bad weather. Popular options at these venues are; Cricket, Volleyball, Soccer and Netball.


Social League Clubs

There’s also a bunch of community-grade sports if you’re looking at taking one sport a bit more intensely in Canberra. Several established sporting clubs in Canberra such as the Ainslie Football Club or Vikings have community-grade leagues which are super friendly and welcoming of all skill levels. But you’ll be able to find many social leagues in varying sports in Canberra at established clubs.




If you’re looking for something you could tackle at your own pace, then maybe Bouldering is for you. BlocHaus in Canberra offers both parkour and bouldering classes within their facility. But you’re also able to go in on your own or as a group at any time for a fun, light, and challenging sport. Don’t be afraid of diving in head first, the centre in Fyshwick is extremely beginner friendly for those with no experience in climbing.



Park Runs

Happening every Saturday, Park Runs are a free community-held event. With many different tracks and locations around the ACT for you to try out. Get up early, do a quick 5k run, and meet some of the locals around you for free!


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