Hot diggity dog: How to keep your dog cool this Summer

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Sammy Rose

RoundABOUT Contributor

Staying cool this Summer is a priority, and that includes our four-legged friends.

As the mercury rises its important pet owners know how to keep their furry friends cool and comfortable.

The RSPCA ACT is urging pet owners to keep an eye out for the signs your dog might be getting a bit hot and bothered, like heavy, shallow breathing, as dogs cool themselves down by panting.

CEO Michelle Robertson warns against leaving pets in cars, especially on a hot day.

“Leaving your pet in a hot car can be fatal, obviously nobody wants that, it’s absolutely terrible, so the best thing to do is avoid it.

It can get really hot inside a car, and it only takes 6 minutes before temperatures can become fatal.”

Michelle suggests planning ahead, with the best option being to not leave your pet in the car at all. If you’ve got a friend or family member with you, they can stay in the car with your pet, with the aircon on, or the windows rolled down. There are also places which allow pets indoors, but if you’re desperate, train your dog to sit quietly while tethered up outside for a short period of time.

The RSPCA ACT also promote the use of the ‘hand test’ to decide if the pavement is too hot when walking your dog.

“If it’s too hot for your hands, then it’s definitely too hot for their little toe beans!

We all know those little toe beans can be scalded, we’ve seen pet’s feet where the skin has been burnt away, because the skin is so sensitive.”


Other points to remember during the warmer months are:

  • Making sure your pet has shade throughout the day
  • Allowing access to fresh and col drinking water
  • Create fun and interactive summer activities for your dogs, like paddle pools, and ice lollies.

For more information about the RSPCA ACT check out their website. 

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