How a Canberra woman ended up live on the BBC and how you could too?

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Lewis Haskew

RoundABOUT Editor

Imagine being handed an old school brick phone and simply being told to answer, within three rings, once it starts to call?

Sounds dodgy right?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to one Canberra woman, who did as told and ended up live on BBC Radio 2.

Keeley Gay was handed the mysterious device earlier this week inside a box along with a list of strict instructions.

It detailed at exactly what time the phone would ring, who had previously been in possession of the device and what you were required to do with it afterwards.

“My grandma, who’s an avid BBC Radio 2 listener, gave me the phone.” Keeley said.

“I was very confused at first but then I was very, very excited and nervous.”

Still not quite sure just what she had gotten herself into, Keeley took the phone with her into work, ready and waiting to accept the mystery caller.

Once it rang, she answered, and ended up on-air with the OJ Borg – host of BBC Radio 2’s overnight show.

Listen to the chat below:

The phone, is part of a segment called ‘midnight caller’ where the show rings the phone each day (night in UK time) to see who and exactly where in Australia the person in possession of the phone is at that time.

The rules are pretty simple, stand by the phone to chat on-air then make sure to pass the phone on to someone else – then sit back and tune in each day to see just how far the device can travel.

Since its inception back in April of this year, the phone has travelled more than 23,000kms across the country, popping up in every state across the country and now most recently in the ACT.

A Facebook ground called ‘Midnight Caller Phone‘ even boasting hundreds of followers both intrigued by the concept and who are keen to have a go themselves.

In a full circle moment, the call then featured on Canberra radio station Mix106.3