Is Canberra finally getting a Roller Coaster?

  • Is Canberra finally getting a Roller Coaster? image
Lewis Haskew

RoundABOUT Editor

If you’ve made your way past the National Museum in Acton recently you may have noticed things looking a little different.

The giant, roller coaster looking, structure that sits atop the roof of the building has been stripped back.

Leaving behind its steel support beams, the Big Loop is now looking more like a roller coaster than ever before….could it be?

Well, wonder no more, we put the question to the team from museum and here’s what we found out:

“Our loop is indeed looking a little different! It sustained significant damage in the 2020 hailstorm that tore through Canberra.” A spokesperson for the museum said.

“The damaged panels have been removed and will be replaced in the coming months after undergoing necessary repairs.”

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