We may have just discovered Canberra’s SPICIEST venue!

  • We may have just discovered Canberra’s SPICIEST venue! image
Sammy Rose

RoundABOUT Contributor

Civic mezcal bar and eatery, Loquita, has just added a bunch of new and spicy additions to its menu and let us be the first to tell you – there are HOT!

The first, is a Taco Roulette, a play on the deadly game of Russian Roulette where a single round is placed in a revolver and passed from player to player to pull the trigger.

Loquita’s version is much less deadly (thank goodness).

Although it is painful…

A platter of 10 tacos is placed in front of daring players, one of which is laced with an extra hot Bumble F**ked Hot Sauce. Players must take it in turns to eat a taco. The unlucky player who nicks the lethal taco receives a complimentary frozen margarita as compensation.

With the rise in popularity of Taco Tuesdays, Loquita has also introduced Hot Wings Wednesday, where buckets of chicken wings, coated in a Carolina Reaper chilli sauce are served in one kilogram buckets for just $10. Carolina Reaper has been named the hottest chilli in the world.


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In conjunction with Hot Wings Wednesday is the chance for patrons to have their picture permanently appear on the new Loquita ‘Hall of Flame’ wall through the new Hot Wings Challenge, which involves devouring the one kilogram bucket of wings as quickly as possible.

“It seems easy in theory, but being so spicy means it’s harder and harder to get through each wing with every second,” says Executive Chef Brendan Hill of HARVAC, operators of Loquita.

Hill has also used his expertise to create the new ‘Rehab Hot Sauce’, a bottled version of Hill’s famous secret spicy sauce that can be purchased through the bar at Loquita.

“This one features a combination of spicy ingredients including jalapeno and habanero chilli. We’ve given it a modest three out of five in spice level so it’s edible on a daily basis,” says Hill.

Given the rise in spicy menu items, Loquita has also increased its milk supply for those who might need its soothing capabilities.

If you’re up the challenge, Loquita is open Tuesday to Saturday from 5pm till late.

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