Meet the Canberra Swiftie turning bracelets into a booming business

  • Meet the Canberra Swiftie turning bracelets into a booming business image
Madeleine Riddell


Taylor Swift Mania is spreading like wildfire across Australia at the moment and it’s also providing some big business.

One local swiftie turning her builds of the famed ‘Taylor Swift Friendship Bracelets’ into a booming buck maker while also helping her fellow fans out in the process.

Hannah Murrells is the creator of ‘Taylor Bracelets AU‘ on Etsy, which sells make-it-yourself kits for the T-Swift themed friendship bracelets, as accessories for those heading to the Era’s Tour.

The kits come with all the beads, letters, and elastic needed to create your own personal Taylor Swift friendship bracelet.

Hannah said she got the idea when encountering a problem while making her own bracelet.

“I was making my own friendship bracelets as soon as I got tickets, and I noticed I was running out of certain letters really fast,” she said.

“I thought ‘what if I buy these in bulk, and split these up into kits where you get only what you need?'”

According to Hannah, demand has been so high that she plans to release more stock before next week’s shows.

Taylor Swift is set to perform first in Melbourne on the 16th of February, running until the 18th, before taking the show to Sydney the weekend after.

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