More Men are using Cosmetic Injectables

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Sammy Rose

RoundABOUT Contributor

Men are starting to get more comfortable with having skin treatments to enhance their looks or address a skin concern.

That’s according to local Cosmetic Injectable Nurse April, Owner and Founder of Platinum by April.

Speaking on a recent episode of the Tailored Talk podcast, April says her male client base is always growing, as the stigma surrounding cosmetic procedures lessens over time…

‘Everyone used to not talk about it or share if they’d had it done before, but now it’s really normal.’

‘I get male clients coming in all the time now, I guess, it’s always their partners that bring them in, but they want to age gracefully as well.’

Proof men are embracing anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers to fight the effects of ageing.

Listen to the full interview here…