No checkout needed at CIT’s new convenience store

  • No checkout needed at CIT’s new convenience store image
    Image: supplied
Madeleine Riddell


The CIT Student Association is putting the ‘convenience’ back in ‘convenience store’, unveiling a shop on the Bruce campus that lets students walk out with their items without waiting at the checkout.

It’s the first educational venue in the Southern Hemisphere to use Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’ technology.

It works by combining AI, cameras, sensors, and machine learning algorithms.

As for how the ‘Just Walk Out’ tech works, CIT Student Association CEO Andrew Scotford has explained.

“People essentially just swipe their credit card to walk in, and they are monitored through the technology and the AI tools, and they just walk out of the store with the products,” he said.

“Then they’re billed through their credit cards after that process.”

The store will be open from 7am to 10pm on weekdays.

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