No-cost abortions now accessible at more Canberra locations

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Sammy Rose

RoundABOUT Contributor

The ACT’s accessible abortions scheme has expanded to include no-cost medical abortions at selected general practices in the ACT.

The provision of no-cost abortions at more locations in the Territory is the next phase in the ACT Government’s commitment to removing the financial barrier to Canberrans in need of abortion services.

No-cost medical and surgical abortions have been available since April 2023 at MSI Australia in Civic as part of a $4.6 million investment over four years to provide all ACT residents, including those without a Medicare card, access to free abortion services.

The ACT Government has partnered with Women’s Health Matters to incentivise no-cost medical abortions at two ACT general practices, with the potential to expand to other providers in the future.

People who access these general practice services will also be able to access pathology, imaging and pharmacy services at no cost from participating providers.

This will ensure the entire abortion process can be provided at no cost to the client.

Hit 104.7’s Wilko & Courts spoke to ACT Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith about the expanded services…