Push for Coercive Control to be Criminalised in Canberra

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Sammy Rose

RoundABOUT Contributor

The Canberra Liberals will introduce legislation into the Assembly, with hopes of creating a standalone criminal offence for coercive control, bringing the ACT in line with other jurisdictions including New South Wales and Queensland.

Criminalising coercive control will reform how the legal system handles domestic violence, by moving away from an incident-based approach and towards an approach that prosecutes ongoing abusive behaviors.

Shadow Minister for Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence, Leanne Castley announced the Canberra Liberals will introduce a private member’s bill amid ongoing calls for governments to do more to protect families from domestic violence.

Hit 104.7’s Wilko & Courts spoke to MLA Leanne Castley about the proposed bill, and the difference it would make to people trying to escape abusive relationships.

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