Rescue animals given Hollywood makeovers in the hopes of finding furever homes

  • Rescue animals given Hollywood makeovers in the hopes of finding furever homes image
    RSPCA ACT (Facebook)
Madeleine Riddell


The RSPCA ACT is getting into the Halloween spirit, by showcasing some of the rescues up for adoption and their celebrity counterparts!

From movie characters, sports stars, comedy legends, and Game of Thrones characters, the RSPCA ACT has been helping their rescues pull out all the stops.

“Halloween is just around the corner and our animals are loving the idea of becoming who they all of dreamt of becoming!” The RSPCA said.

Here are some of the hilarious posts!


Image: RSPCA ACT (Facebook)

“Many of our long-term adoptable animals dream of making it all the way to Hollywood but not Kobe,” the post reads.

“This beautiful boy harbours a dream of replicating his namesake, the late great Kobe Bryant, by making it onto the cover of a computer game!”

“And why not? Like Kobe Bryant, our Kobe is tenacious, has already been awarded the ‘Most Improved’ award for how far he’s come, and our boy is also dedicated to learning and being the greatest of all time when it comes to being an integral part of a family.”



Image: RSPCA ACT (Facebook)

The RSPCA would like you to meet their local agent, M, “Our beloved Indian Ringneck known as ‘M’ from James Bond fame would love a chance to star alongside the next Bond superstar and continue the long tradition of being an indispensable ally of 007.”

“She’d love to be adopted and would be happiest either living in an outdoor aviary or, obviously, taking down international super villains with style and sophistication,” The RSPCA said.


Image: RSPCA ACT (Facebook)

“Long-term shelter resident Sarge has revealed his all-time favourite actor is the late Leslie Nielsen of The Naked Gun fame,” the RSPCA said, introducing this talent.

“The two are quite similar, both Nielsen in his prime and Sarge have a few grey hairs, are hilariously good company and love an adventure!”

“Sarge dreams of playing Sargent Frank Drebin in the never to be made and definitely not upcoming fourth sequel in the series: ‘The Naked Gun part 4 and 4 quarters.’” The post reads.

Short Stack

Image: RSPCA ACT (Facebook)

“Short Stack is a boisterous lad, he scored his nickname by being a little bit shorter than some of our other roosters,” the RSPCA said, “but just like his favourite actor, Peter Dinklage of Game of Thrones fame, he more than makes up for his smaller stature with unforgettable performances.”

“You’ve been warned… Adoption is coming!”


For anyone interested in adopting these fun characters, or some of the other animals available, check out the RSPCA website!