Rocky the Dog has broken an unwanted record

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    Images: ACT Foster and Rescue (Facebook)
Madeleine Riddell


Over 301 days in the care of ACT Domestic Animal Services.

That’s how long mixed-breed dog Rocky has been waiting to find his fur-ever home, after being picked up by DAS as a stray.

He’s broken the record for the longest stay in the service’s kennels, and the hunt is now on to find him a new home before he reaches the 1 year mark in March.

DAS said he’s had a bit of interest from time to time, but hasn’t quite sealed the deal just yet.

There’s worries he’s being overlooked because of his appearance.

“He’s a little muscle man,” said Assistant director Jackie Gardner.

“He looks a lot bigger in his photos than he actually is.”


Image: ACT Rescue and Foster (Facebook)


However, 3-year-old Rocky has a sweet, playful personality.

“He loves water,” Jackie said, “So this time of the year he absolutely loves playing in the water.”

“He’d be a lot of fun to take across to the south coast,” she later remarked.

Jackie also shed some light on Rocky’s attitude, she said he passed their behavioural test with flying colours, and knows a number of tricks including sit, shake, and drop.

All the staff at DAS are desperate to rehome Rocky before he breaks another record, because living in a kennel can take a toll on a dog.

“Generally speaking, this is no environment for any dog to be in long term, waiting for their home,” Jackie Gardner said, “it can be quite stressful.”

“Being in a home is a much preferable environment.”

However, she said Rocky is a special case, “Rocky has taken it really well, and hasn’t displayed those signs where they do get quite frustrated being day in day out.”


Image: Domestic Animals Services


Yet, she said, they still want to find him a home before it gets too much.

For anyone interested in adopting Rocky, or one of the many other dogs that are available for adoption, check out the Domestic Animal Services website.


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