Santa’s flight path approved ahead of Christmas

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Sammy Rose

RoundABOUT Contributor

Santa will officially make his way to Canberra on Monday night after his flight path was given the all clear.

He met with flight management teams earlier this month to confirm his flight path for ‘Operations Present Drop’ on Christmas Eve.

Naomi McQueen from Air Services Australia said it was a confidential visit…

“We help Santa come up with the best way for him to get his presents delivered!

His actual flight plan is TOP SECRET, but we can give you some details…

We plan for Santa to visit the Pacific Islands in New Zealand and then come into our air space around Norfolk Island.

He’ll zig zag around Australia, doing some complex manoeuvres and some high-speed travel.”

Naomi says it will be hard for kids to spot or hear Santa because his magic sleigh and reindeers are so quiet, but the Big Man in Red has confirmed his trip to the nation’s capital.

An operations notice has also been issued for all other aircraft in Australia on Monday night to ensure Santa is given right of way to make his deliveries to all the good boys and girls on time.

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