Seated E-Scooters roll into Canberra

  • Seated E-Scooters roll into Canberra image
Lewis Haskew

RoundABOUT Editor

Seated versions of the purple e-scooters, operated by Beam, will hit Canberra streets from Friday 15 September.

Designed with the same safety features as Beam’s ‘L-shaped’ standing e-scooters, the new scooters are poised to offer a practical choice to those who find standing e-scooters and pedal assist e-bikes challenging for use, or those travelling longer distances.

Beam’s Canberra Operations Manager, Ned Dale, says Canberra has been a great success for the company with shared micromobility becoming a preferred means of transportation for many Canberrans – racking up a massive 2.8 million kilometres on Beam alone since launching back in 2020.

“However, they have not been accessible to all members of the local community, which is a gap we are looking to address with the launch of seated e-scooters across the city.”

150 of the seated e-scooters will be available across the city.