Should we build a Superfan Museum in Canberra?

  • Should we build a Superfan Museum in Canberra? image
Sammy Rose

RoundABOUT Contributor

Are you a superfan?

An organisation in London is looking for experts on specific topics to help build part of a Super fan museum, and we’re thinking of creating one in Canberra.

The museum has released advertisements for experts in all areas, from people specialising in Taylor Swift, Crocs, Emojis, and even Tufting (the creation of rugs).

Successful applicants will need to be passionate about sharing their vast knowledge of their niche interest, as well as be willing to learn about items on exhibit and why they’re relevant.

All superfans will have their travel costs covered so they can attend meetings at the museum.

The London Museum has already employed a Superfan specialising in Lego, Pokemon Cards and Gopcore.

Hit 104.7’s Wilko & Courts spoke to Canberrans about their area of expertise…