Take the #NoNewClothes Challenge

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Sammy Rose

RoundABOUT Contributor

Are you spending too much money on new clothes that you don’t need?

Maybe you feel like you’re an over consumer of fast fashion, or simply want to do more to help the environment.

If this hits a bit too close to home you should follow in the footsteps of local fashion influencer Renee Joy from A Conscious Wardrobe 

So many of us find comfort in shopping and buying a bunch of cheap outfits on a whim, many that will only be worn once, and some that will never see the light of day. Not to mention the outfits we buy for one specific event, whether it’s a fancy dress or power suit, we’ll find any excuse to spend some cash.

Renee from A Conscious Wardrobe has not bought brand new clothes for two years, and chats to Tailored Talk host Sammy Rose about her experience so far.

Renee gives us tips on:

  • making slow fashion work for you and how YOU can take on the #nonewclothes challenge
  • the best places to shop second-hand here in Canberra
  • why thrifting can be really empowering
  • the financial benefits of second-hand shopping (hello hip-pocket!)
Listen to the quick chat here…