The Best Ways to Meet New People in Canberra

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    Group of creative friends sitting at wooden table. People having fun while playing board game.
Jake Creech

Digital Content Producer

Are you new to the Canberra scene? Looking at meeting some new people and making some friends? These are some of the best places and ways to meet people in Canberra!


Canberra Social Scene

There are a handful of groups on Facebook that host events that are open for anyone to come along and join to meet new people. One of these such groups is the Canberra Social Scene, a group that welcomes all types of backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, and sexualities. It’s a safe and easy way to meet new people by doing a variety of different activities.


Urban Rec

If you’re eager to get the heart rate going whilst meeting new people, then Urban Rec is the best way to get into a social sporting league with a heavy emphasis on social. Doing leagues all year round, registering as an individual in a sport is the easiest way to meet people and stay active!


Board Games

There are several places around the nation’s capital where someone can indulge in a board game, D&D session, or arcade game. Guild in the city, Reload Bar and Games, and a handful of game shops also hold social and local game days every week!


On Your Feet

Canberra is known for having some beautiful and natural landscape. Canberra has many different groups and clubs that revolve around hiking trails or running. Park Runs, held every Saturday at 8am is a free and easy way to meet new people and get some exercise in. As well as the many hiking trails and Canberra Bush Walking Club you’ll find many people eager to get out in nature in Canberra.


Canberra Hobby Facebook Groups

Looking for friends with similar hobbies? Then maybe explore the digital space on Facebook to see if you can find a page in Canberra with the same interest.


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