The Ngunnawal Street Pantry organisers say it’s time to step aside

  • The Ngunnawal Street Pantry organisers say it’s time to step aside image
    Image: Ngunnawal Street Pantry
Madeleine Riddell


Organisers of the Ngunnawal Street Pantry have announced they’ll be permanently closing the initiative in January next year.

Margaret McGrath and her husband Paul have run the pantry for years, but say it’s now time to let it go.

She said she’s about to turn 60 in January, and wishes to travel when she finally gets access to her superannuation,

While husband Paul has been dealing with health issues, and has received the news that his life expectancy may go down due to Cirrhosis.

“Paul’s fine now but we don’t know what the next 12 months, 2 years, 3 years are going to hold,” said Margaret.

The couple have decided to spend their time travelling, picking up hobbies, and enjoying their freedom.

“We’ve done our bit, now it’s time to hang up our hats,” Margaret said, “we can’t do it forever.”

However, Margaret said they are also looking for someone to pick up the work where they left off, and keep the pantry running.

“[our wish is] To find someone that we can work with, so that Ngunnawal Street Pantries doesn’t end with us ending it,” she said.

She even hinted at returning to help as a volunteer at the pantry, if someone is found to continue on the legacy, but in a casual role.

The pantry will keep running until the Australia Day weekend in January, 2025.

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