The Sunflowers are taller this year at the Majura Valley Sunflower Maze

  • The Sunflowers are taller this year at the Majura Valley Sunflower Maze image
    Image: Majura Valley Free Range Eggs
Madeleine Riddell


Bigger, brighter, and taller. That’s what visitors to this year’s Majura Valley Sunflower Maze should expect, with news the sunflowers have grown more than previous years and the maze has been given a new layout.

Organisers hope to run the maze until April, as long as the conditions allow them to, and in a bid to make things more comfortable for attendees they are implementing a ticketing system for the first time.

Archie McGrath Weber from Majura Valley Free Range Eggs said those who’ve visited the maze before will understand how chaotic it’s been.

“We’ve just done that just to make sure we’re not overcrowded in the maze at any one time,” he said.

“So that people can get the best experience out of it.”

Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for children, and anyone under the age of 5 gets in free.

Archie said this year’s maze was actually a tricky one this year.

“The actual maze layout has changed a bit, it’s a bit bigger than last year,” he said, “for the most part the sunflowers are actually a even taller than the last couple of years.”

“My brother and I have been irrigating it the last couple of weeks while it’s hot, and we’ve actually gotten stuck in there a couple of times.”

He said there is also set to be more of a ‘pick your own’ section than last year, where visitors can take home a sunflower with them.

“In my opinion it should be a bit of a better experience, just with the tickets helping it be a little more crowd controlled,” Archie said.

More information on the maze, and tickets, can be found here.

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