Viral TikTok sound given a Canberra makeover

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Lewis Haskew

RoundABOUT Editor

Scenic videos of Sydney, romanticising the Harbour City with beautiful music in the background and recordings of Australian news readers overlaid have been all over my feeds lately.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can see an example here

The original audio used in the videos has taken inspiration from a scene in the Spider Man films, which sees the superhero swinging through the streets of New York as various radio and TV news broadcasts can be overheard.

Well, I think Canberra is also just as beautiful as those bigger cities and deserves it’s own audio to celebrate its city charm.

So that’s exactly what we’ve done, take a look below and feel free to use the audio to create your own video dedication to Canberra:


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You can also get the sound on TikTok here.

Set to the song titled ‘Getting Through’ by film composer Danny Elfman, the audio features the recordings of the following Canberra broadcasts, in order of appearance:

  • Hit104.7 Breakfast News ft. Samantha Rose
  • ABC Canberra TV News ft. James Glenday
  • ATN Radio Traffic Report
  • Mix106.3 Breakfast News ft. Kate Rice
  • Mix106.3 Weather ft. Lewis Haskew (me)

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