What did it say in the sky above Canberra?

  • What did it say in the sky above Canberra? image
Sammy Rose

RoundABOUT Contributor

Did you see the skywriting above Canberra on Tuesday before midday?

Locals on the ground saw the words ‘FUND OUR SCHOOLS’ painted across the sky.

It’s believed it was a move from the Australian Education Union, wanting to send a special message to the Federal Government, and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Members of the AEU gathered on the lawns of Parliament House with the organisation’s federal president, Corenna Haythorpe, demanding the PM fully fund public schools.

The organisation releasing a statement saying the divide between public and private school funding is too great.

Hit 104.7’s Wilko & Courts were among the locals who spotted the writing in the sky…