Wilko & Courts return to Canberra Radio

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Sammy Rose

RoundABOUT Contributor

One of Canberra’s favourite radio couplings Wilko & Courts will return to our airwaves January 2024 on the Hit 104.7 Breakfast Show.

Wilko & Courts dominated the afternoon Drive landscape for over three years where they consistently held top spot, a performance Hit 104.7 hopes to see repeated in the hotly contested Breakfast slot.

Courtenay ‘Courts’ Kneen says, “I was already so excited to return home to Canberra after two years away, but to be coming back to my dream job with my dream on air co-host? Well, that’s the cherry on top!

I feel, and have felt, a lot of privilege to spend the last 2 years hanging out with my two daughters on a beautiful island in the South Pacific. Not many people get to experience what we have and I will never take that for granted. Our family decided to take the break after I returned to work too quickly after having babies, and it was just the break I needed to reconnect with myself as a mother and with the girls as my children.

Now though? I am ready to return to working, with a greater understanding of work life balance and even more appreciation for childcare workers. I’m so looking forward to coming back and connecting with Canberrans again! P.S Southside Represent.”

Talking about his return to radio in Canberra, Neil ‘Wilko’ Wilcock adds, “I planned to be in Canberra for a couple of years and as is the case with many of us you blink and boom it’s coming up on 7 years! Canberra is now home, and I am stoked to get back to a show with my best friend and keep breakfast radio local in the Canberra region. Obviously, Northside for the win, Courts doesn’t know what she is talking about.”

On having Wilko & Courts join the Hit 104.7 line-up in 2024 amplifyCBR General Manager, Craig Wagstaff says, “As they have done for many years, Wilko & Courts are sure to again engage in a way that’s unique to them. They have a tremendous ability to relate and understand what’s important as they entertain and inform audiences across the Canberra Region and fulfill even further, our commitment to community”.

Wilko & Courts can be heard on Hit 104.7 from Monday 8th January 2024 and on the Listnr and iHeart Radio apps.

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