Meet The Peacemaker Saloon – Braddon’s newest venue!

  • Meet The Peacemaker Saloon – Braddon’s newest venue! image
Lewis Haskew

RoundABOUT Editor

Welcome to Braddon’s newest venue – The Peacemaker Saloon.

With a backdrop of vintage Americana and a menu boasting cold beers, crafty cocktails, and straight-up spirits, it’s Canberra’s no-nonsense nod to the classic American West.

However, it’s not just drinks on the menu, with a kitchen that promises hearty, flavoursome dishes inspired by the American Southwest.

Brought to you by the same team that run Volstead Repeal, The Peacemaker Saloon will be somewhat more lively and visible than its sister venue on the same street, with regular live music hoping to create the perfect spot to unwind or kick back with friends.

You’ll find The Peacemaker Saloon along Mort St inside the old Knightsbridge Penthouse – It’s officially open from Thursday 20 June at 4pm.

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